Video Lectures

60_Minutes_graphic.png 60 Minutes in Space

January 2015
BJA-VideoThumbnail.pngMy Years at NASA
Betty Jo Armstead

Space Odyssey volunteer Betty Jo Armstead talks about her work with NASA and its predecessor the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

March 2015
JeanWright-tn.pngKeeping the Legacy Alive:
Piecing Together History
Jean Wright

Working as one of 15 women, all master seamstresses and quilters, Jean Wright and "The Sew Sisters," were responsible for fabrication, assembly, disassembly, and repair of the Thermal Protection Systems used on the outer surfaces of NASA's Space Shuttles.

July 2015
AstronomyMisconceptions-tn.pngMisconceptions in Astromomy
Dr. Ka Chun Yu

Dr. Ka Chun Yu, Curator of Space Science DMNS, is researching how people learn and conceive of astronomical concepts. Teachers, students and the public at large may have misconceptions about the workings of celestial mechanics such as the changing seasons. In this session, Dr. Yu reveals some of the findings from his research about the common misconceptions, preconceptions and alternate conceptions that people hold.


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