Mars Exploration Rovers (MER)

mer-high-1_br.jpg MISSION SUMMARY
Mission: Mars Exploration Rovers
Mission type: Mars surface; Spirit and Opportunity rovers
Launch date: Spirit-June 2003, Opportunity-July 2003
Landing date: Spirit-01/2004, Opportunity-01/2004
Launch vehicle: Delta II
Launch site: KSC
Mission duration: Original=90 days, Extended
Status: Spirit-ended May 2011, Opportunity-ended February 2019
Overview: The mission's scientific objective is to search for and characterize a wide range of rocks and soils that hold clues to past water activity on Mars. The search begins with determining whether the Martian environment was ever suitable for life. Life, as humans understand it, requires water, hence the history of water on Mars is critical to finding out if the Martian environment was ever conducive to life. Although the Mars Exploration Rovers do not have the ability to detect life directly, they offer important information on the habitability of the environment in the planet's history.

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Documents and PowerPoints
MER Rovers-End of Mission-190229.ppt

MER Mission Fact Sheet.pdf
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