Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity

Mission: Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Rover
Launch date: November 25, 2011
Launch vehicle: Atlas V 541
Mars landing: August 5, 2012
Mission duration: 1 Martian year (668 Martian sols/686 Earth days)
Mission status: Operating on Mars
Overview: A NASA mission to land and operate a rover named "Curiosity" on the surface of Mars to determine if life ever arose on Mars, to characterize the climate of Mars, to characterize the geology of Mars, and to prepare for human exploration.

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MSL - Landing on Mars
MSL - Curiosity's Chemistry

Where is the rover now?

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Steve Lee - suggested site
Clear explanation of the operation of the "differential" in Curiosity's (and Spirit, Opportunity and Sojourner's) mobility systems.  The movies make things easy to understand.


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MSL Curiosity - 360 Panorama from Sol 3

PIA085531-full.jpg Mars Science Laboratory

PIA13282.jpg Mars landing diagram

28936main_rover-metric.jpg Size comparison: Sojourner-MER-Phoenix-MSL

H_rover-comp_wheels_02.jpg Wheel size comparison: Sojourner-MER-MSL

Mars_Science_Laboratory_drawing.jpgSchematic diagram of rover

msl20110118_PIA13790_SAM_schematic-full.jpgSchematic sample analysis

MOVIES ___________________

LandingSite-GaleCrater-tn.jpg MSL Mission Movies
--The Science of Curiosity: Seeking Signs of Past Habitats on Mars
--Chemistry on Mars: Curiosity Rover's Mission to Uncover Martian Habitability
--Curiosity Descent
--MSL Landing Site: Gale Crater
--The Challenge of Getting to Mars: Seven Minutes of Terror
--How Hard is it to Land on Mars?
--MSL Mission Animation

RAD-movieTN.png Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD)
--Measuring Radiation on Mars
--RAD Measures Radiation en route to Mars

MSL-movies2-tn.png More MSL Curiosity Movies


MSL-BillionPixelInteractive-tn.png MSL - Interactive
Billion-Pixel view of Mars from Curiosity rover.

MSLinteractive-tn.jpg Learn about Curiosity

SS-simulator.jpg Solar System Simulator - JPL

logo-eotss-main.png Eyes on the Universe - JPL

MapAPlanet-banner.jpg Map a Planet - USGS

Documents and PowerPoints

Curiosity's Year of Science - Highlights Curiosity's first year of science
DMNS MSL Presentation.pdf (Operations & Status)
Mars Science Laboratory EDL Timeline.doc
MSL- Mission to Mars.ppt
MSL - John Grotzinger, Chief Scientist.ppt

Launch & Mission Fact Sheets
MSL Launch Press Kit.pdf
MSL Fact Sheet.pdf

Description of entry, descent and landing system.pdf

Power Source Fact Sheets
MSL Environmental Impact Statement.pdf
Radioisotope Power Systems.pdf
MSL Launch Contingency Planning.pdf
MSL Launch Nuclear Safety.pdf

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