BepiColombo Mission to Explore Mercury

BepiColombo, an European Space Agency mission being conducted in cooperation with Japan, will explore the planet Mercury. The mission will consist of a pair of spacecraft that will orbit the planet - the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) and the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO). The MPO will study the surface and internal composition of the planet, and the MMO will study Mercury's magnetosphere.

Mission: Planetary science
Launch: October 2018
Cruse and flybys: 7.2 years
Orbit insertion: March 2026
Duration: 1-2 years

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BepiColombo_MPO+MMO_illustration.jpgArtist's impression of BepiColombo

BC_STACK_02_Bis_w_Text.jpgElements of the BepiColombo spacecraft

MMO&MPO-Orbits.pngPlanned orbits for MMO and MPO satellites

Mercury-Poster.jpgMercury is the closest planet to the sun and has a thin atmosphere, no air pressure and an extremely high temperature.

ESA_BepiColombo_InsideMercury_annotated_20170214.jpgSchematic figure depicts the interior structure of the planet Mercury


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BepiColomboOrbits-video.pngBepiColombo spacecraft in orbit around Mercury


Documents and PowerPoints
BepiColombo Mission-181023.ppt

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Mission event

Oct 2018


Apr 2020

Earth flyby

Oct 2020

Venus flyby

Aug 2021

Venus flyby

Oct 2021

Mercury flyby

Jun 2022

Mercury flyby

Jun 2023

Mercury flyby

Sep 2024

Mercury flyby

Dec 2024

Mercury flyby

Jan 2025

Mercury flyby

Dec 2025

Arrival at Mercury

Mar 2026

MPO in final orbit

May 2027

End nominal mission

May 2028

End extended mission


















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