Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR)

NustarSticker.jpg MISSION SUMMARY
Mission: Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR)
Mission type: Space-based X-ray telescope
Launch date: June 13, 2012
Launch vehicle: Pegasus XL
Launch site: Kwajalein Atoll
Orbit: Near-equatorial (6 degrees)
Height: 550 km
Mission duration: 2 years
Status: Active (prelaunch)
Overview: Space-based X-ray telescope that will use grazing incidence mirrors to focus high energy X-rays at 5 to 79 keV from astrophysical sources, especially for nuclear spectroscopy. Its primary scientific goals are to conduct a deep survey for black holes a billion times more massive than our sun, understand how particles are accelerated to within a fraction of a percent of the speed of light in active galaxies, and understand how the elements are created in the explosions of massive stars by imaging the remains, which are called supernova remnants.

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artistconcept-1.png Artist's concept of NuSTAR on orbit. NuSTAR has a 10-m (30') mast that deploys after launch to separate the optics modules (right) from the detectors in the focal plane (left). The spacecraft, which controls NuSTAR's pointings, and the solar panels are with the focal plane. NuSTAR has two identical optics modules in order to increase sensitivity.

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NuSTARinSpace-tn.jpg NuSTAR Animation
NuSTAR X-ray telescope will have a lengthy structure that unfolds in space, allowing it to see high-energy objects like feeding black holes.

PegasusXL-Launch.png Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle
NuSTAR mission will launch into a low-Earth, near-equator orbit on a Pegasus XL rocket from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Credit: JPL


SS-simulator.jpg Solar System Simulator - JPL

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MapAPlanet-banner.jpg Map a Planet - USGS

Documents and PowerPoints
NuSTAR: Nuclear Spectroscope Array - PDF
Brief description of NuSTAR, presented by D.Stern at "Cosmic Cartography" conference in Chicago, December 2007


NuStar_Fact Sheet.pdf

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