Space Shuttle Program

space-shuttle.jpg MISSION SUMMARY
Mission: Space Transportation Program
Launch date: 1981 - 2011
Launch vehicles:
Launch site: KSC, Cape Canaveral
Crew capacity: Crew of 7
Orbiters: Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour
Overview: The Space Shuttle orbiter is launched vertically, usually carrying five to seven astronauts (although eight have been carried) and up to 50,000 lb (22 700 kg) of payload into low earth orbit. During descent and landing the orbiter acts as a re-entry vehicle and a glider, using its OMS system and flight surfaces to make adjustments.  Its missions involve carrying large payloads to various orbits (including segments to be added to the International Space Station), providing crew rotation for the International Space Station, and performing service missions.

Documents and PowerPoints
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Space_Shuttle_Program_CommemorativePatch.png Mission patch

ShuttleOrbiterFunFacts.pngShuttle Fun Facts

Space_shuttle_mission_profile.jpgShuttle mission profile
Space_Shuttle_Orbiter-Illustration.jpgOrbiter Illustration


space-shuttle.jpg The Space Shuttle
Narrated by William Shatner


ShuttleFlightDeck.jpg Virtual Tour of Shuttle
A virtual tour of Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103) at the Kennedy Space Center during its last mission, STS-133.

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