Gemini Program

Mission: Gemini Program
Program dates: 1964 - 1966
Manned missions: Gemini III - XII
Launch vehicle: Titan II
Launch site: Cape Canaveral
Crew capacity: 2

Objective: The Gemini Program was an intermediate step between Project Mercury and the Apollo Program, and had four objectives: 1) to subject astronauts to long duration flights and record the physiological reactions of crew members to the effects of weightlessness; 2) to develop effective methods of rendezvous and docking with other orbiting vehicles, and to maneuver the docked vehicles in space; 3) to demonstrate Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA), or space-"walks" outside the protection of the spacecraft, and to evaluate the astronauts' ability to perform tasks there; 4) to perfect methods of reentry and landing the spacecraft at a pre-selected landing point.

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Gemini_spacecraft.jpg Gemini1.pngProject Gemini spacecraft

Gemini_Titan.jpg A Gemini-Titan spacecraft sits on the launch pad in 1964

Grissom_Young.jpg Mercury astronaut Gus Grissom, left, joined John Young on the first manned flight, Gemini III, launched March 23, 1965.

White_Spacewalk.jpg The first American EVA lasted 23 minutes, not nearly long enough for astronaut Ed White.

Florida_coast.jpgA view of Florida's Cape Canaveral from the Gemini V capsule in Earth orbit

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Above: Gemini Program-50th anniversary music video

gemini-6-7.jpg Gemini-NASA's bridge to Apollo Excellent examination of NASA's Project Gemini by the producers of the PBS science series NOVA in this excerpt from the 1998 broadcast "To The Moon." (2 parts)


SS-simulator.jpg Solar System Simulator - JPL

logo-eotss-main.png Eyes on the Universe - JPL

MapAPlanet-banner.jpg Map a Planet - USGS




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