Fifty Popular Datasets

Introduction  The Science On a Sphere (SOS) playlist "Fifty Popular Datasets"  consists of datasets that can be used to educate visitors of all ages on a broad range of global topics including climate, ocean currents, weather, earthquakes and tsunamis, human activity and planets in our solar system.   The playlist serves as an introduction to SOS, and from there the presenter can use the search function to expand on a particular topic.   Two Real Time datasets are included: Real Time weather, and Real Time earthquakes, which contain data from the previous 30 days; this is of particular interest following recent severe weather or earthquake events.   Also included are some unusual datasets, such as the global Facebook network, the 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano, and the Global Epidemic and Mobility Modeler which displays the global spread of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.   There are over 450 datasets in the database.....enjoy !                              Online Resource - SOS NOAA

82-BlueMarble-23DegreeTilt.jpgBlue Marble (23 degree tilt)

188-SeptemberSeaIceLevels1987-2013.jpgSeptember Sea Ice Levels from 1987-2013

225-MarsLandingSites-Pictures.jpgMars Landing Sites with Pictures

56-RealTime-EnhancedIRSatellite.jpgReal-time: Enhanced IR Satellite

193-RealTime-SnowIceCover.jpgReal-time: Snow and Ice Cover

221-MoonApolloSurveyorLandingSites-Pictures.jpgMoon with Apollo and Surveyor Landing Sites and Pictures (SOS-221)

372-2012HurricaneSeason.jpg2012 Hurricane Season

184-Impact 6-meterSeaLevelRise-Red.jpgImpact of 6-meter Sea Level Rise (red)

179-AdelitaPacificTurtleTrack.jpgAdelita Pacific Track (Turtle)

490-2005HurricaneKatrina.jpg2005 Hurricane -Katrina

Paleo-150myTN.jpgARC's Paleo-Animation

147-DeepwaterHorizonsOilSpill.jpgDeepwater Horizons Oil Spill - August 2

2-2005HurricaneSeasonWaterVaporSST.jpg2005 Hurricane Season Water Vapor with SST

424-FuturePaleo.jpgFuture Paleo

93-LandCoverAnimation.jpgLand Cover Animation

96-EarthAtNight.jpgEarth at Night

159-JapanEarthquakeTsunamiPropagationWaveHeight.jpgJapan Earthquake, Tsunami Propagation and Wave Height Combo (SOS-159)

98-ColoredNightLights.jpgColored Night Lights

44-AirTrafic-DayNightTerminator.jpgAir Trafic with Day/Night Terminator

127-RealTime-EarthquakeHi-resAnimation.jpgReal-time: Earthquake Hi-res Animation (2k with legend) (SOS-127)

357-SOSLocations.jpgSOS Locations

369-GOES-5ModeledAtmosphereicChemistry.jpgGOES-5 Modeled Atmosphereic Chemistry

107-CummulativeEarthquakeActivity1980-1995.jpgCumulative Earthquake Activity from 1980-1995 (WMS) (SOS-107)


27-FIMChemModel-ThreeAerosolSpecies.jpgFIM Chem Model - Three Aerosol Species

121-VolcanoEruptions.jpgVolcano Eruptions


170-BiosphereCarbonDioxideConcentrationMeasured.jpgBiosphere with Carbon Dioxide Concentration Measured at Mauna Loa (SOS-170)

307-GlobalEpidemicMobilityModeler.jpgGlobal Epidemic and Mobility Modeler - H1N1 scenario


33-VolcanicAsh-FIMChemForecastModel.jpgVolcanic Ash - FIM Chem Forecast Model

305-FacebookFriendships.jpgFacebook Friendships


205-Hadley-a1bTempChange1870-2100.jpgHadley a1b Temp Change 1870-2100

130-NASASeaCurrents.jpgNASA Sea Currents


201-IPIC-GFDL-Temp -Comparison -A1B-B1.jpgIPIC GFDL Temp Comparison A1B and B1

132-GFDL-SST-ModelLandBackground.jpgGFDL SST Model with Land Background


173-OceanAcidificationSaturationState.jpgOcean Acidification Saturation State

333-SeaSurfaceCurrentsTemperatureVegLand.jpgSea Surface Currents and Temperature with Veg Land



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