Earth Systems - SOS Playlist

Introduction  We need to understand how our planet works as a whole to improve life on Earth. Toward that effort, NASA uses satellites that have applications such as measuring precipitation in storms, air pollution, changes in underground water and the vast oceans. Coverage by this fleet of satellites enables discovery of connections between Earth systems and changes in space and time.

Script_Earth System_enso_2015.pdf

EarthObservingSatellites.jpg NASA Earth Observing Satellites

Clouds-colorized-realtime.jpgClouds (colorized) - Real-time

Aerosols-GEOS-5.jpgAerosols from GEOS-5

SnowIce-realtime.jpgSnow and Ice - Real-time

GroundwaterStorageGroundwater Storage

ClimateBits-CarbonDioxide.jpgClimateBits: Carbon Dioxide

SeaSurfaceCurrents.jpg Sea Surface Currents

SeaSurfaceTempAnomaly.jpgSea Surface Temp Anomaly - RT

Biosphere-OceanColor.jpgBiosphere: Ocean Color

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