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A brief biography of Scott Carpenter and information on Apollo 17

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A brief biography of Scott Carpenter and information on Apollo 17

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GPN2000001124-tn.jpg Apollo 17 Landing at Taurus-Littrow
The last thirty-nine seconds of final manned lunar landing, filmed by the 16mm camera through lunar module by pilot Jack Schmitt's right-hand window.

Geology Station 2 at base of South Massif
Kangaroo hop style of locomotion, bounding down the steep south Massif and kicking up sprays of soil. Gene joins Jack who has found an interesting white clast in a one- to two-metre boulder. Gene will shortly hammer fragments from Boulder 3 which will turn out to be the oldest rock samples returned from the moon - 4.6 billion years old.

Geology Station 2 - part 2
Jack, at left, is leaning down to take a close look at the boulder they have just sampled. When he stands, Gene kicks it and it rolls downhill towards Jack, who kicks it on a little further. Seeing the protected soil that lay under the rock, Gene proposes taking a sample of it. Jack collects the soil and pours it into the bag proffered by Gene. Because Gene is uphill of him, Jack has to stretch and hop up to pour the sample successfully into the bag.




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