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The Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox uses a computer projector and a motion sensing input device (an X-Box Kinect 3D camera) mounted above a box of sand. The visitor interacts with the exhibit by shaping special "kinetic" sand in a basin. The Kinect detects the distance to the sand below, and a visualization an elevation model with contour lines and a color map assigned by elevation is cast from an overhead projector onto the surface of the sand.

As visitors move the sand, the Kinect perceives changes in the distance to the sand surface, and the projected colors and contour lines change accordingly.  

Visitors explore how contour lines work by observing, in realtime, how the lines and color projections change as the topography changes.

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Augmented Reality Sandbox - UC Davis

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AR Sandbox.jpg AR Sandbox

AR Sandbox-1.jpg AR Sandbox

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ARSandbox-video1-tn.pngUCLA's AR Sandbox

ARSandbox-video2-tn.pngLawrence Hall of Science AR Sandbox



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