Starry Night User's Guide

Starry Night Training
Starry Night is a program that allows users to view the motions of celestial bodies. It is loaded onto all the Space Odyssey laptops. If you're using an SO laptop, you can click on the .snf links on this page and they'll open movies in Starry Night.

Starry Night Manual.doc
SNP Quick Tour.doc

Solar System Zoom

Zoom in and out to view some or all of the planets orbiting the sun, and tilt the solar system to see (most of) the planets move along the ecliptic.
Solar System - zoom.snf

Outer Orbits
Orbits of Outer Planets including dwarf planet Pluto.

Geocentric Solar System
The solar system from a geocentric perspective.

Earth and Mars in Orbit

Notice conjunctions and launch windows.
Earth-Mars in Orbit.snf

Mars Retrograde Motion
Viewed from Earth, Mars exhibits retrograde motion.
Mars Retrograde Motion.snf

Mars from Earth
Mars changes size in the sky and goes through partial phases over the course of years.
Mars from Earth.snf

Solar Eclipse from Space

The circle tracks the path of the eclipse across the earth.
Solar Eclipse from space.snf

Solar Eclipse from Earth
A solar eclipse as viewed from Earth.
Solar Eclipse from Earth.snf



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