Gas Tube Spectroscopy

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Gas Tube Spectrosocpy Training

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PeriodicTable-LosAlamos.jpg Periodic Table of the Elements - Los Alamos Natl. Laboratory

Jefferson Labs - A - Z List of the Elements

The Basics of Light

Dispersion of Light
Animation of the dispersion of light as it travels through a triangular prism.

Molecular Expressions - This "Timeline in Optics" highlights important events and developments in the science of optics from prehistory to the beginning of the 21st century.

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Periodic Table Videos - Videos about every element on the periodic table!

PowerPoints and Documents


What is Spectroscopy and How Does it Work.ppt

What can Spectroscopy tell us.ppt

Historical perspective on the developments in Physics that lead to our understanding of Spectroscopy.  These materials are from Galaxy Guide Dave Sonnabend's 2005 lecture.

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Stellar Classification.pps

Tree of Quantum Mechanics.pdf

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Infrared Experiments



Periodic Table with Spectra
Click on the symbol of an element to see its atomic emission spectrum.

Star Light Star Bright
Interactives about light, waves and heat.

Wave Properties of Light
This interactive tutorial explores the classical representation of an electromagnetic wave as a sine function, and enables the visitor to vary amplitude and wavelength to demonstrate how this function appears in three dimensions.

Single Slit Diffraction
This interactive tutorial explores the diffraction of a monochromatic light beam through a slit of variable aperture.

Diffraction from a Grating
This interactive tutorial explores the mechanics of periodic diffraction gratings when used to interpret the Abbe theory of image formation in the optical microscope.

Spectrum Explorer: Blackbody Radiation - Applet

Interactive Graph showing how Black Body Radiation depends on temperature

Build an Atom


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