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DMNS All Sky Project/DMNS Research
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Click HERE to see the latest video from the All Sky camera on the Museum's rooftop.

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How an All-Sky Camera Works

How to Report a Fireball

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DMNS Fireball Reports

Perseids 2014 --This is a composite image of 110 meteors captured by the DMNS All Sky camera between Aug. 10-15. The Perseids peaked the evening/morning of Aug. 12/13. Even with the near full moon we captured quite a few spectacular meteors streaking through the sky. Perseids2014.jpg

Perseids 2009 -- All Sky camera on the museum rooftop was able to capture the Perseid meteor shower which happened Aug 11-12.  Chris Peterson, a DMNS space science research associate, created a composite image of all the meteors our camera captured. It includes 149 Perseid meteors between sunset Aug 12 and sunrise Aug 13. Besides meteors, the composite shows the Moon (left central), Jupiter (lower right), and several bright stars that are seen as streaks on the image as they are captured moving across the sky. Check out the Perseid meteor shower movie taken from our new DMNS All Sky camera system.
Perseid Meteor Shower 2009

Cloudbait Observatory
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Cloudbait Observatory
Recent sightings, upcoming meteor showers

Online database
Fireballs and meteors recorded by Allsky cameras since 2001

Colorado Superbolide
Dec. 6, 2008 at 1:06 a.m. MST
A meteor of stunning brightness exploded over Colorado Springs. Astronomer Chris Peterson photographed the event using a dedicated all-sky meteor camera in nearby Guffey, CO. More than 250 miles south of the fireball, radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft of New Mexico photographed the flash and recorded radio echoes from the super-bolide's ion trail. Click here to listen.

Other All Sky Networks

North American All-Sky Camera Database

Spanish Network

Sandia Network

European Fireball Network

Web Resources
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Fireball Sightings - Science@NASA

Meteors.jpg Why Do Meteor Showers Seem to Have a Point Source?
Leonids Movie
Earth-Spin Movie

Peekskill.jpg Peekskill Fireball

Peekskill Movie
Peekskill Movie - YouTube
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The Car, the Hole and Peekskill Meteorite

CanadianMeteorite.jpg More Fireball Events

Meteorite images collected by the Edmonton Space & Science Foundation showing recovery efforts of the meteor impact. The meteorites are still unnamed, but local areas include Lone Rock and  Marsden, so they will probably be named after one of them.

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