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pluto-and-charon-01_br.jpgPluto Summary
--Discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, February 18, 1930
--Sidereal Orbit Period (length of year): 248 Earth years or 90,553 Earth days
--Siderial Rotation Period (length of day):
6.387 Earth days (retrograde) or 153.29280 hours (retrograde)
--Orbit Cercumference:
22,698,676,007 miles or 36,529,978,039 km
--Orbit Inclination: 17.14 degrees
--Equatorial Inclination to Orbit:122.5 degrees (retrograde rotation)
--Mean Radius: 715.2 miles or 1,151 km
--Equatorial Circumference: 4,493.7 miles or 7,231.7 km
--Mass: 13,032,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg or 0.006 x Earth
--Min/Max Surface Temp: -387/-369 °F or -233/-223 °C
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Pluto_Discovery.jpg Original glass plates on which Pluto was discovered.

Pluto_animiert.gif Computer-generated rotating image of Pluto based on observations by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2002-2003.

Nh-pluto-in-true-color.jpg Near-true-colour composite image of Pluto taken by the New Horizons spacecraft in July 2015 from a distance of 450,000 kilometers.

2015-8-12-15-PlutoEnhancedColor.jpg Pluto's Colorful Composition taken July 13, 2015, when the spacecraft was 280,000 miles (450,000 kilometers) away from Pluto, show features as small as 1.4 miles (2.2 kilometers).

nh-pluto-hazy-skies_0.jpg Pluto's Atmosphere
taken on July 15, 2015 when the spacecraft was about 1.25 million miles (2 million kilometers) from Pluto.

nh-charon.jpg Pluto's largest moon Charon taken late on July 13, 2015 from a distance of 289,000 miles (466,000 kilometers)

nh-nix-hydra-7-21_br.jpg Two of Pluto's Smaller Moons, Nix and Hydra

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NH_MissionAnim-tn.png New Horizons Mission Animation

NH-Flyover-IcePlainsMountains-tn.png Flying over Pluto's icy plains and Hillary Mountains

NH-Flyover-IceMountainPlains-tn.png Flying over Pluto's Icy Mountain and Plains


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