Natural Disasters - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

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Bob Raynolds, from the Earth Sciences Department, sent around the following email containing weblinks with summary information on the Japanese earthquake.

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BBC News article
USGS Earthquake Distribution
Latest Japanese Earthquakes

More Web Links

Largest Earthquakes in World - USGS

Tsunami Event - March 11, 2011 Honshu

Tsunami Center - NOAA

Tsunami and Earthquake Research - USGS

Pacific Tsunami Museum - List of links

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Universe Today - Massive 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan; Tsunamis Predicted

Google map overlayed with NOAA-predicted tsunami times

Channel 7 in San Francisco-waves hit Calif

Types of radiation - Wikipedia

Images and Movies
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Amazing video of Tsunami from street level - Stick with this video.  Things get worse. Puts perspective on the force of the water.

Earthquakes in the last week

Japan Earthquake Swarm - Google Earth animation

Tsunami propagation

Before and After images - NY Times
Before and After images - ABC News

Satellite photos - Japan before and after the quake

Tsunami event - Earth Observatory

DLR_20110312_japan_tsunami_sendai_tsx_changedetection_low1Affected areas
Web resource

screenshot_02Earthquake Area

tsunami-energy-map-lhvpd9-04-1024x863Tsunami Energy Wave

traveltimeTsunami Travel Time

Seismo_Japan_20110311_BNSJapan Seismology

  Preliminary simulation of the tsunami from the March 11, 2011 M=9.0 subduction zone earthquake offshore of Honshu, Japan


Savage Seas - wave machine simulator

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