Atlas of the Universe

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The Universe
Observable Universe

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Stephen Hawking's Universe

skyglobe.gif Build A Polyhedron Skyglobe
This is an activity to map the night-sky onto the sides of a polyhedron to create a cut-out-and-glue-together skyglobe.

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ThomasDiggesmap.JPG Copernican Universe
1576 model of the universe by Thomas Digges.

CMB_Timeline300_no_WMAP.jpg Timeline of the Universe
Prevailing model of the origin and expansion of spacetime and all that it contains.

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KnownUniverse.jpg The Known Universe


MagnifyingTheUniverse.jpg Magnifying the Universe

ScaleOfUniverse.jpg Scale of the Universe

CosmicDistanceScale.jpg Cosmic Distance Scales
Scroll down and click on "Begin"

AtlasOfUniverse.jpgAtlas of the Universe

OMGSpace.jpg OMG Space
Interactive scale of the solar system

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