Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

annularsolareclipse-KittPeak.jpg ECLIPSE SUMMARY
Type of eclipse: Annular
Maximum duration: 5m 46s
Max coordinates: 49.1N 176.3E
Max width of band: 237 km
Partial begin: 20:56:07 UTC
Total begin: 22:06:17 UTC
Greatest eclipse: 23:53:54 UTC
Total end: 1:39:11 UTC
Partial end: 2:49:21 UTC
Saros: 128 (58 of 73)

solareclipse-Kitt Peak.jpg Denver Circumstances
Eclipse begins: 00:23 UT (5:23 p.m. MDT)
Max eclipse: 01:30 UT (6:30 p.m. MDT)
Eclipse ends: after sunset (8:12 p.m. MDT)
Eclipse magnitude: 0.855
Eclipse obscurity: 0.792

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ASE2012pp2a.JPG Annular Eclipse, May 2012

usa1.png Western USA map

SE2012May20A-chart.GIFEclipse Chart

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